Weekly Activities, September 2017

TUE, 3. 10. Tuesday Study and Meditation with Brigitte
This is the heart of the perfection of wisdom. We will listen parts of the teachings conferred by Khenchen Sherab in January 2011
20.30   Heart Sutra recitation with Khenpo Tashi

TUE, 10. 10. Tuesday Study and Meditation with Mike
Life and teachings of Padmasambhava (VIII century) are very important in Tibetan Buddhism. Having received the empowerment, we will now look for inspiration for our practice and meditate upon his teachings.

TUE, 17. 10.     Tuesday Study and Meditation with Mike
19.15 - 20.45     HEVAJRA SADHANA, part 1.
Only for those who have received Hevajra empowerment!
Sadhana means ‘method for realisation’ and it is a swift path to Enlightenment. In order to practice such method efficiently, it is essential to understand very well the profound meaning.
We will gradually familiarise with this practice, and regularly meet to practice the Hevajra Sadhana together in the upcoming months.
à Please, bring your sadhana.

TUE, 24. 10. Tuesday Study and Meditation with Mike
19.15 - 20.45   “THE COMPLETE PATH” - Intro
His Holiness Ratna Vajra Rinpoche started giving a cycle of teachings that will be bestowed over the period of 7 years. The cycle of teachings is called ‘The Complete Path’, and it includes the study and practice of all key points of the Buddhist path on the basis of important Sakya tests.

As of next month, we will start the same cycle of studies and practice at our centre. This is an exceptional opportunity for all of us to familiarize with the key points of the path to Enlightenment. Anyone can join us. The course is appropriate for beginners who want to know more about Buddhist philosophy as well as for those who wish to improve their knowledge and understanding.

MAR, 31. 10. Tuesday Study and Meditation with Mike
Wrathful Buddha aspect is a special form of great compassion that Buddhas manifest for a very specific reason, specially in order to pacify obstacles on the path to enlightenment. Monasteries regularly perform Mahakala protector and grand annual Vajrakilaya rituals. These are very important for the Sakya school. These practices are very helpful for us, for other beings and the universe at large.